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What should be tracked in a Customer Success Platform?

What Should Be Tracked in a Customer Success Platform?

Running a successful SaaS business means focusing on customer success. And in the digital age, a Customer Success Platform (CSP) is an essential tool to help you track and optimize your customer engagement strategies. But what exactly should be tracked in a CSP? Let's dive in and explore the key metrics you should be monitoring to ensure the success of your customers.

1. Adoption and Onboarding

One of the first things to track in a CSP is the adoption and onboarding process. This metric helps you understand how effectively your customers are getting started with your software. By monitoring the number of customers who complete the onboarding process and start using your product, you can identify any bottlenecks or obstacles that might hinder their success.

2. Customer Engagement

The level of customer engagement is a crucial metric to track in a CSP. It gives you insights into how frequently and actively your customers are using your software. By monitoring the number of logins, time spent using the app, and specific features used, you can identify patterns and trends that indicate customer satisfaction and overall product adoption.

3. Customer Health Score

A Customer Health Score is a composite metric that assesses the overall health and satisfaction of your customers. It incorporates various factors such as usage patterns, customer feedback, and support interactions. By tracking Customer Health Scores in your CSP, you can identify at-risk customers and proactively address their needs, reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty.

4. Customer Support Tickets

Another crucial metric to track in a CSP is the number and nature of customer support tickets. By monitoring this data, you can identify recurring issues or pain points that might be affecting customer satisfaction. Timely resolution of support tickets, along with proactive communication, plays a vital role in maintaining strong customer relationships.

5. Customer Feedback and Surveys

Listening to your customers is essential for driving product improvements and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. By integrating customer feedback and surveys into your CSP, you can gather valuable insights about their needs, expectations, and pain points. Analyzing this data allows you to make data-driven decisions that align with your customers' goals and preferences.

6. Expansion and Upsell Opportunities

Tracking expansion and upsell opportunities helps you identify customers who are ready to scale their usage or upgrade to higher-priced plans. By monitoring usage patterns, feature adoption, and customer interactions, you can proactively reach out to customers who might benefit from additional services or advanced features. This not only increases customer lifetime value but also strengthens customer relationships.


A Customer Success Platform is a valuable tool for any SaaS business looking to optimize customer engagement and drive growth. By tracking metrics such as adoption and onboarding, customer engagement, customer health score, support tickets, customer feedback, and expansion opportunities, you can ensure the success of your customers and increase overall customer satisfaction. Remember, data-driven decision-making is key to building long-lasting customer relationships and staying ahead in the competitive marketplace.

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