Median Cobrowse GDPR Policy

Roles and Responsibilities

Median Cobrowse serves dual roles; as a data controller for our customer data and as a data processor for data related to your end users.

End User Data Management

When you incorporate Median Cobrowse into your website, we access minimal information about your end users, primarily metadata like IP addresses, page URLs, and timestamps. This information is promptly and permanently erased once a user departs from a website embedded with our Median code.

Personal Information Handling

Median Cobrowse operates with no inherent necessity to hold any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for extended periods. Any personal information, such as IP addresses, last activities, recent URLs visited, and potentially user IDs and other identity details, are utilized only during a Cobrowse session and are not retained afterward.

Selective Content Concealment

Median Cobrowse offers the capability to selectively obscure specific content sections on a page, preventing any PII from reaching our servers. This can be applied to sensitive fields or entire sections of a page, ensuring the confidentiality of concealed sections during Cobrowse sessions.

Indefinite Data Retention

We preserve all internal user-related activities indefinitely, including names, emails, passwords, IP addresses, and activities. Payment information is securely stored through our third-party payment processor, Stripe.

Data Storage and Processing

All metadata is securely located in a Heroku data center. During screen sharing, Median Cobrowse only acts as a conduit, transferring the content viewed by the end user to the agent's browser without retaining any page content.

Third-Party Data Processors

We do not share end user’s data with external data processors. Our data and servers are maintained by Heroku and AWS.

Customer Data Management

Creating a Median Cobrowse account or visiting our website allows us to collect information about you, your company, and your device for access control, marketing, and analytical purposes.

Customer Information Storage

Upon account creation, we store your name, email, and phone number, along with similar information for any team members added to your Median Cobrowse account. All interactions within Median Cobrowse are indefinitely stored in your Audit Log, and deletion requests must be made directly to our team.

Sharing with Third-Party Data Processors

Customer data may be processed by the following entities:

Additional data may be collected by Google Analytics.

Privacy Policy and Data Breach Protocols

Our updated privacy policy includes the designation of a data protection officer and outlines the procedures for notifying clients of any data breaches. Significant changes to the privacy policy will be communicated to clients.

Our terms and conditions and privacy policy can be found in our website footer.

Contacting Median Cobrowse

For inquiries, please contact us at

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