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Screen Share for DreamHost

Help your DreamHost visitors faster than ever. Stop asking for screen shots or sending Zoom invites. See what your customers are seeing with 1 click!

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How to install cobrowsing on DreamHost

Our Screen Share software can be installed on DreamHost in 60 second or less with a simple cut and paste. Follow the steps below.

1. Click here and copy your Median install code

2. Login to your DreamHost WordPress admin page

> Click Appearance

> Click Widgets (yoursite.com/wp-admin/widgets.php)

3. Click Custom HTML under Available Widgets

> Select Footer

> Click Add Widget

4. Paste the Median install code under Content

> Click Save

After you click save you are done!

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Screen share that is

Guaranteed to make your customers and your support team happy

Powered by Median
Simplicity is key

Shockingly easy screen share

Just like popular chat apps, Median gets added to your website. If a customer is on your website, then you can screen share with them. Simple as that! No invites, downloads, or installs required.

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Speed equals happiness

Add screen share to your favorite chat tool

Your support team will thank you, your customers will thank you, and you will wonder how you made it this far without being able to see... the issues your customers are experiencing.

integrations include
Brian (Chat)
Spencer (Support)
Support made easy

See what your customers are seeing

Median is like Figma for your website. Join any of your website visitors, put your cursor on their screen, show them around, draw, highlight, or turn on video and have a 1-to-1 conversation.

Feature breakdown

Everything you need to increase NPS and CSAT scores

See What Your Visitors See

Median's live visitor dashboard allows you to see everyone on your site in real time. With 1 click you can join any visitor and see what they see. No download needed.

Show Cursor

Show Cursor allows you to put your mouse on a customers screen and guide them through your website. Show your customers where to go and what to click.


The highlight tool allows you create a clear red box over any part of your website that you want to bring attention to.


The drawing tool allows you to turn your website into a whiteboard. Use arrows to show customers where to click or draw smiley faces to simply bring happiness.

Take Full Control

Take full control requires customer approval. Once the request for full control is approved, you will be able to type and click on the customers screen.

Phone Mode

Phone mode makes it easy for call center teams to start a screen share with callers. Ask the caller to press CTRL 5 times, a code will appear, use that code to join.

Privacy Controls

Our privacy controls allow you to choose exactly what parts of your website are allowed to be used in screen share and which are not.

Video Streaming

Our video streaming feature makes the internet a whole lot more personal. You can now pop on your customers screen and talk to them threw your website.

Audio Streaming

Chat messaging is great, but nothing beats having a 1-to-1 conversation right on your website. Our audio streaming feature allows you to talk to customers.


Everything is better when we work together

Add screen share to any of the below tools by simply adding Median to your website, we will do the rest.

Perfect fit

You will LOVE Median if...

Would you or your team benefit from being in the same room as the person you are trying to support? With Median, you can offer an over-the-shoulder like support experience without the need for expensive teleportation equipment.

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You offer live customer support
Does your team offer live customer support either over the phone or via chat?
You send or receive screenshots
Does your team send and/or receive screen shots from customers for support?
You use conferencing tools
Does your team use conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams for support?
You use chat tools on your site
Does your team use chat tools like Intercom, Drift, or LiveChat for customer support?
You support a software product
Does your team have to onboard or support customers who use a software product?
You operate a call center for support
Would your call center agents benefit from being able to see what the customer sees?
You want to increase your NPS
Do you or your team have a goal to increase your Net Promoter Score?
You want to increase CSAT scores
Do you or your team have a goal to increase your Customer Satisfaction score?
You love making customers happy
Do you customers enjoy a fast and easy customer support expereince?
You enjoy making your team happy
Do you enjoy providing tools that will make customer support easier for your team?

We'll take care of you

Median is one of the most deployed cobrowsing solutions available on the market today.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are the most popular questions we get asked about Median. Have a question of your own? Ask us in the chat and we will respond as quick as possible.

Does Median require permissions to screen share?
Yes and no, we have options in our settings menu that let our customers decide if they would like to ask for permission or not.

It's up to our customers to obey their local laws and regulations.
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Customer testimonials

Here is what our customers have to say...

"What we missed is a way to really join the user in their struggle. Sending screenshots back and forth is just very 2015..."

Taco Verdonschot
Head of Relations, Yoast

"Ya honestly Median is amazing"

Sam Parr
Founder, The Hustle (HubSpot)

"We use Median to cut ticket times down 70% by point blank having the ability to show an end-user versus describing it."

Zachary Italian
President, Village Helpdesk

"This is probably my favorite business"

Andrew Gazdecki
CEO, MicroAcquire

"We now can offer direct help/support on a user while browsing our websites without downloading Teamviewer, Anydesk or similar tools."

Tom Benattar
CEO, PixelMe

We've already seen amazing results in user satisfaction because we can resolve issues faster.

Joshua Robinson
Head of Customer Success, Prospectify

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We believe customer support is easier when you can see what your customers see. We also believe the easier customer support is, the faster support can be given, and the happier your customers will become. Lastly, we believe if you provide customer support, you will LOVE Median.

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