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What is cobrowsing? Who uses it? and why?

What is cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing is screen sharing for your website.

What makes cobrowsing different from screen share is that it gets added to your website or app versus being a 3rd party tool like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. 

That means as people visit your website or app you will have the ability to screen share with them without the need to send an invite, download, install, or launch a screen share tool.

If someone is on your website you will be able to see what they see, put your mouse on their screen, and live stream both video and audio because the cobrowsing app was loaded when the page loaded.

Who Uses cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing has become extremely popular with customer support and customer success teams for two main reasons. Simplicity and privacy. 

In terms of simplicity, customer support teams can join a customer with just one click. Existing tools on the market that require customers to perform a number of actions before joining a screen share.

As an example, here is a quote from a Median Cobrowse customer

“I was looking for a web support tool but I was not happy with much of what was on the market since they generally required the customer to download some piece of software. Median was the first platform we encountered that was no download and easy to install on our end.”
- Jesse Lazarus, President of Kravet

In terms of privacy, cobrowsing is typically used because the screen share functionality is limited to just the browser, and or, wherever the cobrowsing code is installed.

Since you control where the code is installed, you will be able to pick and choose which pages of your website you want your support team to have access to and which pages you don’t want them to have access to.

Median even allows you to select the CSS classes you wish to have rejected from a screen share. This feature allows you to block specific sections of a site from being shared to a support rep. 

Cobrowsing has become widely adopted across 

  • Short Term Rental Platforms
  • Banking
  • Call Centers
  • ECommerce Stores
  • Software Companies
  • And more

Why Use Cobrowsing?

The majority of companies who deploy a cobrowsing solution are simply trying to offer the best customer experience possible. 

Cobrowsing gives your support team the power of sight and removes the need to ask a ton of qualifying questions or send screenshots. 

Companies using cobrowsing solutions experience

  • Reduced Support Times
  • Higher Satisfaction Scores
  • Less Tickets 

Being able to see what your customers are seeing results in faster support. 

Faster support results in higher satisfaction scores.

Being able to show your customers how to resolve problems results in less tickets.

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