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Is co browsing safe?

Is co browsing safe?

When most people see cobrowsing in action for the first time they are blown away, some in a good way and some in a bad way. 

I personally have heard the following statements when doing a Median demo. 

“Holy F*** this is awesome!”

“Oh god, is this legal? How is this legal?”

“This is insane! This is going to save us SOOO much time”

“Umm STOP! What you are doing here is illegal and breaks CCPA laws”

“Wow, I wish we had this 5 years ago”

After seeing a cobrowsing demo for the first time a slew of questions often pop up. 99% of the time “is co brwosing safe?” is one of those questions.

I am here to tell you YES. Co browsing is safe. 

With that being said, co browsing is safe much like a knife is safe. A few bad apples can make a knife look like a weapon instead of a utensil.

Let me explain…

Why co browsing is safe

Simply put, co browsing is safe because it only works where the code is installed. If the code is not installed then co browsing does not work on that page. 

Furthermore, co browsing software gets added to your website or app. As a result your team will only be able to see your website or app. They will NOT be able to see the desktop, 3rd party tabs, and with most cobrowsing platforms, will NOT be able to take control until it is granted.

That is why MASSIVE companies like AirBNB, Ring Central, Turbo Tax, and more all use co browsing platforms over screen share tools.

With co browsing you get to decide what your support team can see. For example, If you don’t want them to see Personal Identifiable Information (PII) then remove the co browsing tool from that page. If you wanna hide Credit Card information then block that section from being used in a co browsing session.

The ability to customize co browsing tools is what makes them more secure and more appealing than any screen sharing tool.

“But Spencer, if that is true, why do sooo many companies still use tools like Zoom, Teamviewer, and Google Meet?” - Reader

Good question! 

My quick answer is that the person who manages CS has never heard of co browsing, in which case, the industry needs to be better at marketing.

A better answer would be that co browsing is not a perfect fit for everyone. If you need access to the desktop or any 3rd party apps that you don’t own, then co browsing is not a great fit.

On the flip side, if your team only supports your products, then co browsing is a perfect fit for you and I would love to chat.

Snag time on my calendar here 😁

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