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Intercom and Median - Better Together

We’re big fans of Intercom here at Median. We’ve been using them since day one to manage customer conversations. A few weeks back we had the pleasure to meet with some folks from their team. We were immediately impressed by how welcoming they were, and it was obvious how much they all clearly gave a shit about their products and the experiences they create. Des Traynor, one of Intercom’s founders, spent over an hour with us, walking us through lessons they learned in the early days. He was honestly interested in what we had built, gave us amazing advice, and mentioned multiple times how he was genuinely happy that we were Intercom customers. We’re just one of Intercom’s thousands of customers, but taking to time to explicitly thank us for being customers showed just how much they care about the things they make.

That’s why today we’re really excited to announce our formal integration with Intercom to amplify your ability to provide amazing experiences for your customers while you chat with them. Now while you’re conversing with your customers in Intercom, you’ll be able to start a Median CoBrowse session straight from Intercom. You’ll immediately open a new tab and see what your customer is doing on your website in realtime. No more guessing what they’re looking at or having them download clunky screen sharing software. With Median integrated into Intercom, you’ll be able to resolve customer issues faster, leaving your customers delighted and saving you time.

You’ll be able to set up the Median integration straight from the integrations page inside Intercom’s app. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running. If you aren’t an Intercom customer yet, you’ll just need to hop on over and sign up for a free 14 day trial of Respond, their customer conversation manager, and follow the same steps.

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