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New Week, New Feature - Check out Phone Mode

Up until now, Median has worked best when integrated with your live chat provider. Today, we’re excited to announce that your phone-based sales and support folks can use Median just as easily, at no extra cost.

With Median’s Phone Mode, screen sharing with a customer is a snap. Here’s how it works:
When you’re on the phone with a customer who is browsing your website, you simply instruct them to hit the Control key on their keyboard 5 times in a row. This’ll display a 6 digit code on their screen.

Have them read that code back to you and input it into your Median dashboard and presto! You’re seeing what your customer is seeing, immediately providing you insight and context into the issue at hand.

To get started using Phone Mode, visit the Screenshare Settings page in your Median account. Phone Mode doesn’t require any additional installation, so once you’ve turned it on, it will seamlessly work anywhere Median is already installed.

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