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Assessing the Risks of Cobrowsing: What You Need to Know

Cobrowsing, or collaborative browsing, is a technology that enables customers and customer service agents to view and interact with the same web page simultaneously. With cobrowsing, customer service agents can gain an in-depth understanding of customer issues and provide faster and more efficient support. However, as with any technology, there are certain risks associated with cobrowsing that you should be aware of.

First and foremost, cobrowsing should only be used with customers who have given explicit consent. This means that before cobrowsing can be used, customers must be made aware of the technology and must agree to its use. This can be done through a simple opt-in form or through an in-app notification. Additionally, cobrowsing should only be used on secure websites, and customers should always be provided with a secure connection.

Another risk associated with cobrowsing is the potential for customer data to be compromised. To ensure the safety of customer data, cobrowsing software should be regularly updated to the latest version and should include features such as encryption and authentication. Additionally, it is important to ensure that customer service agents are trained on best practices for data security and privacy.

Finally, it is important to consider the potential for customer service agents to misuse cobrowsing. To prevent this, organizations should have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure that cobrowsing is only used for legitimate customer service purposes. Additionally, customer service agents should be regularly trained on the proper use of cobrowsing and should be held accountable for any misuse.

By understanding the risks associated with cobrowsing, businesses can ensure that the technology is used safely and securely. For more information about cobrowsing, please visit With the right tools and processes in place, cobrowsing can be an invaluable asset to any customer service organization.

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