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Meet Our Newest Integration Partner -Chatra

Today we are excited to announce that Chatra customers can now have access to cobrowsing via an integration with Median.

Chatra is one of the chat providers that’s the best combination of beautiful design, robust functionality, and an extremely reasonable price and we are thrilled to partner with them.

How do Chatra and Median Integrate Together?

The best part about the Median integration into Chatra is that it’s ridiculously simple. Once you install Median’s javascript snippet onto your site, it will automatically populate a link into Chatra that you can click at anytime to instantaneously open a new browser tab with a window into your customer’s world. You can use this to troubleshoot issues faster and help close more sales deals. The best part is that it just works. No need to have your customers download any software or install any plugins. One click is all you need to help them out.

Get Started

If you aren’t already a Chatra customer, you can signup now for a 14day trial. Once you’ve signed up, check out the instructions on Chatra to get up and running with Median in only a few of minutes. After you are all setup, you’ll wonder how you ever did support without Chatra and Median again.

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