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Who did Zendesk acquire?

Who did Zendesk acquire?

Zendesk has been growing quickly over the years and has made several strategic acquisitions to enhance its product offerings and broaden its market reach. In this article, we'll explore some of the notable companies that Zendesk has acquired.

1. Base

In 2018, Zendesk acquired Base, a sales force automation software company, for $45 million. Base's technology focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. By integrating Base's capabilities into its platform, Zendesk aimed to provide a more comprehensive solution for its customers, enabling them to streamline their sales processes and enhance customer relationships.

2. Smooch

Zendesk's acquisition of Smooch in 2019 further strengthened its omnichannel customer support capabilities. Smooch was a messaging platform that allowed businesses to engage with customers across various messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack. By integrating Smooch's technology, Zendesk aimed to provide a seamless and unified communication experience for both businesses and their customers.

3. was a customer messaging platform that Zendesk acquired in 2019.'s technology enabled businesses to automate and personalize their messaging campaigns, improving customer engagement and retention. With this acquisition, Zendesk aimed to enhance its customer engagement platform and provide more targeted and impactful interactions for businesses.

4. Zopim

Zopim, a live chat software company, was acquired by Zendesk in 2014. The acquisition of Zopim helped Zendesk strengthen its live chat capabilities and provide real-time customer support solutions. Live chat has become an integral part of customer service, enabling businesses to connect with their customers instantly and resolve issues more efficiently.

5. BIME Analytics

Zendesk's acquisition of BIME Analytics in 2015 expanded its analytics and reporting capabilities. BIME Analytics provided a cloud-based business intelligence platform that allowed businesses to analyze and visualize their data in a user-friendly manner. With this acquisition, Zendesk aimed to help businesses gain deeper insights into their customer interactions and make data-driven decisions.

These acquisitions have played a significant role in shaping Zendesk's product portfolio and positioning the company as a leader in customer service and engagement. By continuously expanding its offerings and integrating innovative technologies, Zendesk has been able to provide its customers with a comprehensive and powerful platform for managing customer interactions and improving overall customer experiences.


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