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How can cobrowsing help customer success teams?

As a customer success team, it's important to provide clients with the best service possible. You want them to feel valued and have their needs met quickly and efficiently. One way to do this is by using cobrowsing to help provide a more personalized service. By utilizing cobrowsing, you can provide your customers with a better and more efficient support experience.

What is cobrowsing?

Simply put, cobrowsing is a technology that enables two or more people to view the same web page at the same time. It allows the users to collaborate on tasks and the person providing the help can step in and offer guidance in real-time. It’s like having a virtual assistant, only you don’t need to hire one.

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The Benefits of Cobrowsing for Customer Success Teams

1. Faster resolution – Cobrowsing eliminates the need for long email conversations and multiple phone calls trying to diagnose an issue. With cobrowsing, you can get a faster resolution for your customers.

2. Increased efficiency – With cobrowsing, you can get a better understanding of the customer’s problem and their environment without having to invest a lot of time or energy. You’ll also be able to provide help more quickly and with fewer steps.

3. Improved customer experience – Cobrowsing provides an interactive way to engage with customers, which can help to improve the overall customer experience. It also gives customers the confidence that they’re being heard and their issues are being addressed.

4. Increased customer satisfaction – By providing an efficient and interactive support experience, customer satisfaction is likely to increase. This can lead to more referrals, as well as fewer customer service issues in the future.

Use Case

One of the major use cases for cobrowsing within customer success teams is the ability to guide a customer into a feature, product, or setting that would reduce the chances of them churning. 

For example, Convertkit, the email service provider, realized their churn dramatically dropped if they could help their customers migrate their customer lists from their previous service providers. Once the data was successfully migrated,  the customers of convertkit can begin using the product versus spending all their time trying to get it set up.

Cobrowsing offers the ability for over the shoulder style support  that customers are used to getting when  shopping in person.

Using cobrowsing can be a great way to provide a better and more personalized service for your customers. By utilizing this technology, you can improve customer experience, efficiency, and satisfaction.

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