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5 Apps That Will Save You Time


In today's fast-paced world, businesses are continually seeking ways to improve their efficiency and streamline their customer service processes. has emerged as a popular customer support platform, offering businesses the opportunity to communicate with customers in real-time.

One of the platform's significant advantages is its extensive app marketplace, which offers a wide array of apps to optimize your LiveChat experience. This article will explore five top apps that will save you time and help you deliver exceptional customer service.

1. ChatBot

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized customer service, and the ChatBot app is an excellent example of this technology's potential. By integrating ChatBot with your account, you can create an AI-powered chatbot that answers customer questions, resolves issues, and provides information 24/7.

This app not only saves you time but also ensures that your customers receive timely assistance even outside of your support team's regular hours.

Key features of ChatBot include:

  • Easy-to-build chatbots: Create custom chatbots using a drag-and-drop interface without any coding skills.
  • Pre-built templates: Choose from a variety of templates tailored for different industries and use cases.
  • Integration with popular tools: Connect your chatbot with tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and CRM systems to automate various tasks.
  • In-depth analytics: Monitor your chatbot's performance and gather insights to improve its effectiveness.

2. WhatsApp Business Integration

The WhatsApp Business Integration app allows you to extend your customer support reach by connecting your account with the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp.

This app enables your support team to manage customer inquiries from both LiveChat and WhatsApp in one convenient interface. By offering support through WhatsApp, you can cater to your customers' preferred communication channels and provide a more accessible and efficient customer service experience.

Key features of the WhatsApp Business Integration app include:

  • Unified inbox: Manage customer conversations from LiveChat and WhatsApp in one place, ensuring timely responses and easy organization.
  • Predefined responses: Create and use predefined responses to answer frequently asked questions or provide standard information quickly.
  • Conversation history: Maintain a record of customer interactions across both platforms, allowing your team to reference past conversations and provide more personalized support.
  • Rich media support: Share images, documents, and other media files directly through the chat, making it easier to resolve customer issues.

3. LiveChat Knowledge Base

The LiveChat Knowledge Base app enables you to create a comprehensive help center for your customers and support agents. This app allows you to compile frequently asked questions, step-by-step guides, and other useful resources in a centralized location. By using the LiveChat Knowledge Base, your customers can quickly find the answers they need, and your support agents can easily access and share relevant information during live chats.

Key features of the LiveChat Knowledge Base app include:

  • Intuitive editor: Create and edit articles with ease using the built-in editor.
  • Advanced search: Customers and agents can effortlessly find the information they need with a powerful search function.
  • Custom branding: Personalize the look and feel of your knowledge base to match your brand identity.
  • Analytics: Monitor article performance and identify areas for improvement.

4. Slack Integration

Communication is crucial for efficient customer service, and the Slack Integration app ensures that your support team remains in sync at all times. By connecting your account with your Slack workspace, your team can receive real-time notifications about new chats, missed messages, and more. This app helps your team to collaborate effectively, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered.

Key features of the Slack Integration app include:

  • Real-time notifications: Stay up-to-date with all chat activity directly in your Slack workspace.
  • Team collaboration: Easily discuss and resolve customer issues with your team in a dedicated Slack channel.
  • Customizable alerts: Choose which events trigger notifications and tailor them to your team's needs.

5. Median Cobrowse Integration

The Median Cobrowse Integration app empowers your support team to deliver an enhanced level of assistance by providing real-time, visual guidance to customers. By integrating this app with your account, your agents can view the customer's screen, navigate web pages together, and even highlight specific elements, all while maintaining the customer's privacy.

This app enables your team to resolve issues more effectively and efficiently, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Key features of the Median Cobrowse Integration app include:

  • Real-time screen sharing: View your customer's screen in real-time to better understand their issue and provide accurate guidance.
  • Co-navigation: Browse web pages alongside your customer, helping them find the information or complete tasks they need.
  • Visual cues: Use highlights and annotations to draw attention to specific page elements, making instructions more straightforward for the customer to follow.
  • Privacy controls: Ensure customer privacy by restricting the visibility of sensitive information and allowing customers to pause or end the cobrowsing session at any time.


By incorporating these five apps into your customer service strategy, you can save time, streamline processes, and enhance the overall support experience. The ChatBot app provides AI-powered assistance around the clock, while the WhatsApp Business Integration app enables you to manage customer inquiries from both LiveChat and WhatsApp in one unified interface.

The LiveChat Knowledge Base app ensures that both customers and support agents have access to valuable information, and the Slack Integration app facilitates seamless team collaboration. The Median Cobrowse Integration app delivers an improved level of assistance through real-time, visual guidance, enabling your support team to resolve issues more effectively.

By using these apps, your business can deliver exceptional customer service while optimizing your support team's productivity.

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