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What is a Customer Success Consultant?

What is a Customer Success Consultant?

Running a successful software company involves more than just developing an excellent product. It also requires ensuring that customers are able to get the most out of your software and achieve their desired outcomes. That’s where a Customer Success Consultant comes in.


A Customer Success Consultant is a professional who specializes in helping customers maximize the value they can derive from a particular software product or service. They work closely with customers to understand their goals and challenges and provide tailored guidance and support to ensure their success.

Roles and Responsibilities

Customer Success Consultants have a wide range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction and success. Some of the key roles and responsibilities include:

  • Building and nurturing strong relationships with customers
  • Understanding the customer's goals and desired outcomes
  • Providing onboarding and training to help customers get started with the software
  • Offering ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance
  • Conducting regular check-ins and health assessments to monitor the customer's progress
  • Proactively identifying opportunities for customers to derive more value from the software
  • Collaborating with internal teams to address customer needs and escalated issues
  • Gathering customer feedback and relaying it to the product development team for improvements

The Benefits of Working with a Customer Success Consultant

Engaging a Customer Success Consultant can provide significant benefits to both software companies and their customers:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: By understanding and addressing the specific needs of each customer, a Customer Success Consultant can ensure that customers are satisfied with the software and achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Reduced churn: A Customer Success Consultant plays a crucial role in minimizing customer churn by proactively engaging with customers, identifying and resolving issues, and nurturing strong relationships.
  • Maximized customer value: By providing personalized guidance and support, a Customer Success Consultant can help customers unlock the full potential of the software and derive maximum value.
  • Product improvement: Customer Success Consultants gather valuable feedback from customers and collaborate with the product development team to enhance the software, making it more user-friendly and aligned with customer needs.
  • Upselling and cross-selling opportunities: A Customer Success Consultant can identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling additional products or services, helping to increase revenue and expand the customer's use of the software.


A Customer Success Consultant plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction, success, and long-term loyalty. By providing personalized guidance, support, and ongoing relationship management, they help customers maximize the value they can derive from a software product or service. Engaging a Customer Success Consultant can lead to increased customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and ultimately, a more successful software company.

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