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1-click screen share with anyone on your Wix site. Highlight, draw, full control and more

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Adding screen share to your Wix site will allow you to see what your customers see, experience any problems they are experiencing, and allow you to help them check out.

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Stop wasting money!!! You spend tons of time, effort and money to get customers to your website all for them to leave. With screen share on your Wix site you can see what your customers are interested in and offer live demos.

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Save YEARS of support time by joining your customer in their problems and showing them how to resolve them. No more sending screen shots or dealing with repeat tickets.

Screen Share for Wix

How to install screen share on Wix

Our cobrowse software can be installed on Wix in 60 second or less with a simple cut and paste. Follow the steps below.

1. Click here and copy your Median install code

2. Login to your Wix admin page

> Click Settings (on the left side)

> Scroll down to Advanced

> Click Custom code

3. On the Custom Code page

> Click Add Custom Code

4. Paste the Median install code where it says "Paste the code snippet here""

> Under Name write "Median Cobrowse" (or anything you want)

> Select All Pages

> Select "Load Code Once"

> Select "Body - end"

> Click Apply

After you click apply you are done!

Click here to see who is on your website.

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Median can be installed in 60 seconds or less with a simple cut and paste into the header or footer of your website

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