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Speech Analytics - KPIs you should be tracking

Speech Analytics - KPIs you should be tracking

As a software company focused on improving customer experience, analyzing customer interactions is key to understanding your audience's needs and expectations. Speech analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to gain valuable insights from recorded customer calls. By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) through speech analytics, you can make informed decisions and enhance your overall business performance.

1. Average Call Duration

One crucial KPI to track is the average call duration. Monitoring the length of customer calls allows you to evaluate the efficiency of your support team and identify areas for improvement. Longer calls may indicate complex or unresolved issues, training gaps, or a lack of self-service options for customers.

2. Call Resolution Rate

The call resolution rate measures the percentage of customer inquiries successfully resolved during the call. By tracking this KPI, you can assess the effectiveness of your support team. Higher resolution rates indicate that customer issues are being effectively addressed and resolved, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

3. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

CSAT is a widely used metric to measure customer satisfaction. By utilizing speech analytics, you can evaluate customer sentiment based on verbal cues and responses. This KPI helps identify gaps in customer service and provides insight into areas that require improvement to enhance overall satisfaction levels.

4. First Call Resolution (FCR)

The First Call Resolution metric measures the percentage of customer inquiries resolved on the initial call. A high FCR rate indicates efficient and effective customer support, reducing the need for customers to make subsequent calls about the same issue. This not only improves customer experience but also contributes to cost savings by reducing call volumes.

5. Call Abandonment Rate

The call abandonment rate measures the percentage of calls that customers terminate before reaching a representative. High abandonment rates can indicate long wait times, complex IVR systems, or a lack of available agents. By monitoring this KPI, you can identify areas of improvement to reduce call abandonment and accommodate customer needs promptly.

6. Agent Performance Metrics

Speech analytics allows you to track various agent performance metrics, such as average handling time, hold time, and transfer rates. By analyzing these metrics, you can identify training opportunities, optimize call routing processes, and improve overall agent productivity.

7. Compliance Metrics

For businesses operating in regulated industries, compliance metrics are essential to track. By monitoring speech analytics, you can ensure adherence to regulations, identify compliance gaps, and implement necessary measures to avoid penalties and reputational damage.


Speech analytics is a powerful tool that enables businesses to gain valuable insights from customer calls. By tracking these key performance indicators, including average call duration, call resolution rate, customer satisfaction score (CSAT), first call resolution (FCR), call abandonment rate, agent performance metrics, and compliance metrics, companies can enhance their overall customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive business success.

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