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Call Center Coaching - How to identify who needs help

Call Center Coaching - How to identify who needs help

Running a successful call center requires an understanding of your team's strengths and weaknesses. As a call center manager, it's essential to identify which agents need coaching to improve their performance. In this article, we will discuss some key indicators to identify those agents who may need help and how to address their specific needs.

1. Call Metrics

A helpful starting point in identifying agents who need coaching is to analyze their call metrics. Look for agents who consistently have high talk times, low call resolution rates, or a high average handle time. These metrics may indicate areas where an agent struggles and would benefit from additional coaching.

2. Customer Feedback

Another valuable source of information is customer feedback. Pay close attention to customer surveys, reviews, or complaints that specifically mention an agent. Negative feedback about a particular agent can indicate areas where coaching is needed to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Quality Assurance Monitoring

Quality assurance monitoring involves evaluating calls for adherence to specific guidelines and standards. Agents who consistently score poorly in these evaluations may require additional coaching to improve their performance. Identify agents who frequently have low scores and provide targeted coaching to address their specific areas of improvement.

4. Self-Assessment and Agent Feedback

Encourage agents to self-assess their performance and provide feedback on areas where they feel they need help. This self-awareness can help identify areas for coaching that agents may not be aware of or hesitant to acknowledge. Regularly check in with agents to determine their training needs and provide tailored coaching based on their feedback.

5. Team Performance Comparison

Comparing overall team performance can also help identify agents who may need assistance. Look for agents whose performance consistently lags behind their peers. While this may not indicate a glaring issue, it can be a signal for further investigation to determine if coaching is required.


Identifying agents who need coaching is a crucial step in improving call center performance. By analyzing call metrics, customer feedback, quality assurance monitoring, self-assessment, agent feedback, and team performance comparisons, you can pinpoint agents who may benefit from additional coaching. Remember, coaching should be tailored to address specific areas of improvement. By investing in coaching, you can enhance agent skills, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive the success of your call center.

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