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3 ways to use Co Browsing in 2023


Co browsing is a powerful tool that allows companies to provide exceptional customer support, improve customer success rates, and even drive sales. Many businesses are now utilizing co browsing in their operations to provide an in-person experience over the internet.

In this article, we will explore some of the most exciting and successful use cases for co browsing, including its implementation in customer support, customer success, and sales. We will delve into real-world examples of companies that have leveraged co browsing to improve their customers' experiences and ultimately increase their bottom line.

If you're looking to improve your customer support, increase customer satisfaction, or drive sales, read on to discover how co browsing can help your business.


That's right, Sales! 

When you think of Co Browsing or even screen share, you don't typically think of it being used in a sales capacity.

Well… That's the exciting part!

Right now my favorite use case for Co Browsing is by a company called Nature's Sunshine. Nature's Sunshine is an retail company that sells Health supplements through their website. 

Nature's Sunshine operates a large call center designed to handle all of their customer support requests. Over the years they noticed more and more of their customer support requests were coming from customers who are actively on the website. 

In an effort to better support their website visitors the Nature’s Sunshine team integrated LiveChat with their call center platform. LiveChat allowed their existing call center team to also handle support questions that came through the website.

What started as a better way to provide customer support to their website visitors, quickly turned into a sales tool driving revenue and conversions through the website.

That's when the team at Nature's Sunshine realized their core demographic oftentimes struggle to check out through the website. As a result, they needed a tool that would allow them to see what their customers are seeing without using any third party apps.

Thankfully, the team at Nature's Sunshine found Median Co Browse via the LiveChat Marketplace.

Today the Nature's Sunshine team uses a combination of contact center tools, LiveChat and Co Browsing to help their customers check out on the website. The power of Co Browsing allows them to provide an in person experience over the internet.

Customer Success

Customer Success is another great use case for co browsing.

Neil Patel says “Customer onboardings are your secret sauce to reducing churn and churn is a reflection of customer satisfaction”

When someone signs up for your product it is super important to deliver the value they expect as fast as possible. 

My favorite example of this is the team at Intercom offering Live customer success during onboardings to boost their conversion rates by 14%.

Click here to read more about Intercom’s story here

Phil Byrne at Intercom says “If you want your customers to stick around, then you need to show them how to get the most of your product”

Using a co browsing platform in customer success feels like a cheat code. 

  • First, your team will be able to see what your customer sees. Resulting in a dramatic reduction in support time.
  • Second, your team will be able to see exactly where someone is at in the onboarding process and help them turn on the key features that are proven to reduce churn (upsales optional).
  • Third, by offering live (video and audio optional) support with no 3rd party screen share tools needed, the customer is left with WOW level support experience.

As a result, companies who use co browsing in the customer success teams see a dramatic increase in activation resulting in less churn.

Customer Support

Last but certainly not least, Customer Support!

It's often said that 20% of support tickets take up 80% of the time. 

In simple terms, the majority of support requests are repeat or easily solvable issues. It's the minority of support tickets that cause the majority of burned support time.

Co browsing is built for the minority of support tickets. The tickets where speed is a priority and one to one support is considered above and beyond.

I'm talking about time!

Since we are talking about the minority of support tickets, not the majority, it's safe to assume that someone who has entered this level of customer support has already exhausted all of their options… and frustration is starting to set in…

The last thing they want to do is answer 20 questions about the problem they are experiencing, especially if they already answered those twenty questions just to get to this point.

Enter co browsing!

With Co browsing a customer support person will be able to see exactly what the customer sees. Being able to see what the customer sees removes the need to ask any authentication questions or general placement questions.

By eliminating questions you are not only eliminating time but reducing potentially added frustration. As an added bonus your customer and support team will be pumped that they don't have to jump into a third party tool just to begin support.  

Now let's talk about the support.

Your team will be able to put their mouse on the customer screen and guide them through features or pages that solve their problem. 

If needed a support person can also activate full video and audio mode allowing them to talk to the customer in a much more normal human voice. 

Video and audio in customer support allows for an in-person experience online. It even reduces time since people can talk faster than they can type.

With all that being said, adding co browsing to a support organization typically results in a dramatic impact on mean time to resolution (MTTR). Which in turn has a direct impact on Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).


And who doesn't want higher customer satisfaction and net for motor scores?

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