PRO TIP: Lemlist Tracking with Median Cobrowse

How to use Lemlists dynamic content to watch customers scroll through your website.

Spencer "Cold Email" Scott

June 18, 2021

Whhhat up Lemlist fam? Spencer here with Median and I have a Lemlist PRO TIP that I think you are going to love!

Did you know Lemlist allows you in use Dynamic Content in hyperlinks?

This feature is an absolute game changer when it comes to tacking your customers!

Quick Q&A

  • Dynamic Content - the ability to change variables based on who you are emailing (ie. {{firstName}} or {{companyName}})
  • Hyperlinks - the ability to embed URLs behind words so the URL does NOT show
  • Lemlist - "The greatest outreach software ever invented" - Spencer Scott
  • Median Cobrowse - User experience and collaboration software for your website

Video Demo

Lemlist is hands down the best cold outreach software I have ever seen. Shout out to my man G 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻. Their dynamic content allows you to create SUPER personalized emails with very little effort.

Well, when you combine the Lemlist's dynamic content with tracking codes and push customers to a website that is using Median... Now that's just cheating! haha

For those of you who don't know, Median is user tracking and engagement software that allows you see EVERY user on your site and what they are looking at, in real time.

It's like if Zoom and HotJar had a baby.

Since Median get's installed on your site, any users who visit your site are eligible for screen share (aka cobrowsing).

When you combine Median with Lemlist's dynamic content, you will be able to see EXACTLY what your customers are interested in as they visit your site. Which makes followi up dumb easy!

Here are the steps for success

Step 1.) You must be a Lemlist and Median customer

Step 2.) Inside of Lemlist campaigns create clickbait (text or image).

Step 3.) Transform the clickbait into a hyperlink.

Step 4.) Paste your URL into the link box and add ?ref={{firstName}}-{{companyName}}

Your URL should look like this{{firstName}}-{{companyName}}

Step 5.) Send your emails.

Step 6.) Login to to watch customers interact with your site. You will know who they are based on their URL.

For example means you are watching G on your site.

In Conclusion

You should super charge your Lemlist efforts by clicking here and signing up for Median!

PS: I am watching you read this right now 😜

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